Aprodex - railways and constructions

APRODEX is a commercial society with private capital, founded in the year 2001, that is working in the construction field, having as main objects of activity construction works, repair and maintenance of railways, civil and industrial constructions.

The society's headquarters are situated in Pascani municipality, Iasi County, Vatra Street, no. 9, postal code 705200.

The society's specifics consist in the capacity of understanding the relationship with the customer not as a rigid contract ended with an act of sale and purchase of a package, but as a permanent constructive interfacing, that transforms the partners in friends and colleagues for a long time period. Our slogan is: Seriousness and good sense.

APRODEX offers stability and balance in an unpredictable economic environment and undertakes from your responsibility those activities and fields in which it demonstrates by facts, professionalism and responsibility, a maximum competence. Solving any problem involves a specific organization and a structured approach that leads to the optimal solution, generator of maximum benefit in the given conditions.

Being formed by a young, dynamic and receptive to new team, with high qualification and large experience in the field, since the foundation, our basic objective has been and still remain that of insuring high quality services according to the customer's requirements, to the legal requirements and applicable regulations, as well as increasing the customer's satisfaction.

We consider that the main elements that imposed us on the profile market are:

  •  the quality of the services offered by us, the society having implemented and certified an integrated management system according to the standards: ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2005 and OHSAS 18001:2008.
  •  the production technologies used for realizing our services;
  •  the qualification and large experience of the employed staff.

  Overview APRODEX

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