About us

The Team

APRODEX has own staff employed with leading positions, technical surveillance and checking, with long experience in the specific activity, experience acquired from the country's construction sites.

For realizing the best quality works, for satisfying the customer's necessities and for respecting the legal requirements of regulation, aprodex uses authorized staff, attested and trained appropriately to the required level and grade of complexity.

Information regarding the technical providing

The society disposes of a large series of earthmoving, railway equipment, the whole range of equipments and small mechanization devices necessary for the execution of the construction works, capital repairs and current maintenance of the railway lines, strategically placed in the activity areas in order to promptly answer to our customer's requests.

For checking the works quality, the society disposes of metrological checked measurement devices

Staff Policy

The human resources represent the society's lever towards the success.

We believe that in any society it is unanimously recognized that the value of an organization consists not only in the material and financial means that the society disposes of, but particularly in its human potential.

The staff policy of aprodex leading team underlies on the necessity of providing to the staff the knowledge and abilities that together with the basic training and the experience acquired lead to the development of competence.

Through the organizational measures adopted, aprodex leading team assures the periodical checking of the whole staff professional training, allowing the execution of the activities only by staff that is qualified according to the procedural requirements of aprodex.

We permanently need the support of competent, dynamic, flexible, loyal employees who are able to work in team.

Data Protection Policy

Personal data protection is very important for APRODEX SRL. That is why we are committed to keeping your personal data safe and secure.

To make sure we do our utmost to give you transparency on how we use your data and to give you control over your own information, we have added the Data Protection Policy.

The Data Protection Policy tells you how we use your personal information about your rights and how you can exercise it. The Data Protection Policy will enter into force on May 25, 2018, so we will comply with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We wish you to be properly informed of how and for what purposes APRODEX SRL processes your personal data. You can request more details about the new changes by email: dpo@aprodex.eu.

The Data Protection Policy can be accessed here.


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